We aim to actively promote the holistic development and welfare of children attending our service by providing a safe, secure and developmentally appropriate environment at the most reasonable rate that this facility can offer.

• To provide the highest quality service where staff are encouraged and supported to access their training, to update skills and keep abreast of current childcare developments.
• To encourage children to fully participate at whatever level they are capable of, to aid children develop self-discipline, to look at personal goals and complete their chosen tasks.
• To develop an awareness of other children and adults, encouraging group planning, co-operation and shared leadership.
• To encourage and develop children’s creativity, to respect others points of view and develop openness to new knowledge and active learning.
• To continue to develop, review and pursue excellent working practices.
• To promote recognition and respect for children’s cultural, social, ethnic, and religious beliefs, their physical and cognitive development and to promote equality.
• The environment is planned and well-organised in a way that suits the different needs of individual children, while keeping in mind the importance of Safety and
• We aim to deliver a quality care and play based curriculum which addresses children’s well-being, identity and belonging, communication and exploring and thinking, along the principles of Aistear, the Early Childhood Curriculum
• We aim to make Missus Tatty’s Nursery accessible to all members of the community, regardless of race, gender, family status, age, disability, or religious belief.

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