• Breakfast time: 7.30am to 8.30am. This time is set because the children and staff need to begin the day’s routine.
• Snack time will be enjoyed and socialization and interaction encouraged
• Children with allergies and special diets will be carefully supervised
• Sweets crisps and fizzy drinks are not to be brought into the crèche. If your child is having a Birthday Party in the crèche you may bring in a cake and a reasonable amount of treats as it is important for us to respect the wishes of parents that are not keen on their children having large amounts of sweets.
• We use freshly delivered fruit for snacks.
• Our healthy and nutritious meals are home cooked on site by our chef Michelle.
• The menu for the day is posted on the menu board in the morning. The menu board is opposite the kitchen.

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Selection of cereals and white bread/wholemeal toast

Snacks: Yoghurt & fruit, Vegetable sticks & hummus, Crackers & cheese, Smoothies, Brown bread with butter/jam/cheese

Dinners: Ham served with mash potato & vegetables, Tuna pasta bolognese, Chilli Con Carne served with rice, Dublin Coddle, Salmon pesto tagliatelle, Chicken stew served with rice

Teas: Homemade soup and bread, Scones served with butter/jam, Ham/turkey/cheese wraps, Fish fingers, Selection of sandwiches


• Refrigerators will be maintained in a safe hygienic condition and fridge temperature monitored and recorded
• Children will be encouraged to feed themselves as appropriate for their age and development and will be assisted as required.
• Children will never be forced to eat
• Children will be encouraged to help tidy up after snack time
• Cultural and or religious dietary requirements are respected. Parents or carers are requested to provide details of foods eaten (and not eaten) by the child
• Healthy eating is promoted through an arrangement of activities for the children including play, stories, music, outings, cookery etc.
• Fresh drinking water is always available.
• Children will always be supervised by a member of staff and will never be left unattended during snack and mealtimes.

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